Salty by Aj Clauss, Pictured: Kieran Mulcare, Riley O'Toole

Lyra Theater's Salty

Workshop of Close Your Eyes and Sleep


2W, 1M

The royal palace hires a new court jester and she's about to turn the whole place upside down, like tipping a cow, or a porta-pottie. Part stand-up, part love-story, part blade-of-death.

Pardon the Fool

4W, 3M

A play about penguins and people on a bittersweet journey to what might be the end of the world-- set years from now at one of the nation's few remaining zoos. Nature's on her way out and taking everybody with her. Buy a hotdog and unearth the instinctual need to love in an otherwise destructive world.


Seattle, Washington | React Theatre

August 1 - 18

12th Ave Arts

Close Your Eyes

and Sleep

3W, 2M

Featuring live hypnotic inductions, a look at mental persuasion, the art of consent, and the power of a phrase. Mackenzie Barrow is a professional hypnotist on the brink of a new clinical procedure that allows patients to re-write or erase past traumas.

*O'Neill National Playwrights Conference 2019 Semifinalist

The Apple Doesn't Fall


His aunt and grandma and cousin and girlfriend and father all have something to say to him tonight. A one-person show about masculinity, birds, bees, stingers, swimmers, and other dangerous apples who inevitably fell from somewhere.

Creative team: Aj Clauss, Anders Nerheim, Caitlin Taylor.