Nov 26.17

'Salty' Hatching in NYC This Spring

Lyra Theater and Producer Hope Chavez producing World Premiere

More Details Coming Soon! 

In the meantime, Frank Benge of BroadwayWorld sat down with Aaron last month to talk about the show. Read the full interview here

"Something that surprised me while writing this play, because it didn't start out this way, but it is largely a play about parenting. Raising a child, who should raise a child, who's permitted to raise a child. I was really scared of this idea at first, as a person who is very far away from having a child of my own, perhaps the farthest you could be. So I've enjoyed this opportunity to live out my fantasies as a parent and to connect with everyone in my tribe who is a parent, or trying to be. I think technology has allowed us to forget a lot of what makes us just like any other animal. Procreating, death, disease--all present in the play, all remind me that I still have to kick like hell, still need to hit the ground running just like every other animal, every circle of the sun."

Nov 26.17

'Salty' Gets First Taste of NYC This December

Johnson's newest play 'Salty' will hold a developmental workshop and staged reading December 10, directed by Allison Benko.

"SALTY follows a pen of cheeky penguins and a flock of zookeepers on a bittersweet journey to what might be the end of the world. Johnson's new play picks up years from now at one of the nation's few remaining zoos. With mysterious terminal illnesses and high infant mortality, it's evident Nature is on her way out and taking everybody with her. Exploring gender, sexuality, and parenthood, this tragicomedy unearths the instinctual need to love in an otherwise destructive world. A fishy cocktail of delightful humor and devastation, SALTY is an exhibit on life that peers through the glass with brave compassion."

Aaron Johnson, Allison Benko, prduced by Hope Chavez

Aug 9.17

THE 24 HR PLAYS: Nationals

...The 24 Hour Plays: Nationals presents an opportunity for young artists to meet their peers and begin building the relationships that will serve them throughout their careers. In doing so, The 24 Hour Plays seeks the very best of the next generation of theatermakers and arms them with what they need in order to find their way in this business-one another.

"Every year, The 24 Hour Plays: Nationals performance is the joyful, passionate sound of a generation in the theater finding their voice together," said Mark Armstrong, Executive Director of The 24 Hour Plays. "This year's group of young artists join our incredible group of alumni who continue to influence theater, film and television around the country."

Aaron Johnson, Patrick Reilly, photo by Andrew Watkins
Aaron Johnson, Welcome to My World by Ching Wang

WELCOME TO MY WORLD takes on Film Festivals

In August, Ching Wang was awarded Best Student Film at the LA Film Awards, along with Aaron's Best Actor title. Since then, the silent-comedy short film has travelled to 20 film festivals across the globe.

The film follows a young neurotic man whose routine has made him complacent, When he falls for the local girl at the grocery store, her charm throws him. He had big dreams but she may be offering an alternative plan. A sparkling adventure full of mess, physical comedy, and a lot of heart.

Jun 23.17

Aaron Johnson, The Apple Doesn't Fall

'The Apple Doesn't Fall' One-Man Show Wins BEST OF FEST at 2017 FronteraFest Short Fringe

A look at the village it takes to raise a man- or lack thereof. Johnson plays Brock, an Olympic swimmer in the show's spotlight but spirals into a family tree of characters including his father, aunt, brother, girlfriend, and grandma. Written by Johnson, Anders Nerheim, and Caitlin Taylor. Music by André Martin. Directed by Caitlin Taylor. 

Feb 12.17

Jan 17.17

'Quiet romanticism of ‘Bloomsday’ charms at Austin Playhouse'  


'Much of that resonance comes not just from a script with beautiful language but also from four performers who have a deft hand at expressing those words. Aaron Johnson and Claire Grasso, as the young Robbie and Caithleen, are pure charm, embodying youthful romance tinged with the fears and anxieties of an unknown, unsteady future... 'Bloomsday' is a bittersweet love story awash in a sentiment that is equal parts American and Irish, and Austin Playhouse’s production, with four talented actors at its heart, does that story quiet, poetic justice.' Austin 360


"Johnson and Grasso have honest and wholesome scenes of affection and awkward happenstance. Their dining scene showcases the subtle writing of Dietz and the fun of navigating adolescent love on stage - mindfully performed with elegance from Grasso and Johnson." BroadwayWorld

Cast of Austin Playhouse's BLOOMSDAY by Steven Dietz

Sep 12.16

'The Totalitarians' by Peter Sinn Nachtrieb with Theatre en Bloc


"Lurking in the shadows is the passionate, irate Ben (Aaron Johnson), Jeffrey's young patient, dying of terminal cancer and desperate to oppose Penny's campaign. Which doesn't sound very funny, but the character is a great foil for Jeffrey's weak personality." Austin Chronicle

"Rounding out the cast, as Ben, is Aaron Johnson who once again displays how adroit he is at comedy, both verbal and physical." BroadwayWorld

Aaron Johnson and André Martin in The Totalitarians by Peter Sinn Nachtrieb
Michael Stuart and Aaron Johnson in 'Orphans' by Lyle Kessler

"'ORPHANS' is Funny, Touching and Deeply Moving" BroadwayWorld


 "Aaron Johnson, as Phillip, gives yet another accomplished and nuanced performance. Just when I think I have seen into the depths of this fearless actor, he astonishes me anew by his unflinching ability to lay bare his soul on stage. Watching these two actors work together is to witness both theatrical honesty and enlightenment..."

"...ORPHANS is very much an actor's play that requires a strong cast to make it work... and this one fills the bill quite nicely. Seating is limited and this week is the final week. Great theatre doesn't come along every day. Make your reservations now, because it was sold out the night I went. And there's a reason for that."

Aug 29.16

Christopher Alvarenga, Michael Stuart, Aaron Johnson in 'Orphans'

Austin Theatre Profiles: AARON JOHNSON, by Alex Garza 


 "For an audience member to want to come up and talk to me at all is amazing. If I can get them to take the story home with them, then it feels like we shared communion. As of today, at the age of 24 in 2016, that’s what I’m about..."

“...Since I was a kid, I’ve been hell-bent to change the world, and it’s so easy to sit backstage before a show and ask, ‘Am I doing enough?’ And I mean, no, I’m not. I’m not involved in the community enough, I’m not volunteering enough -- but these companies have a vision. They’re searching for communion with this power that moves us in our seats, they’re trying to be a gentle voice in a quickly-growing troublesome world. That’s what I’m kind of holding on to.” Read full interview here.

Aug 15.16

Aaron Johnson and Rene Fulton in 'Comedy of Errors' with Penfold Theatre Co.

"COMEDY OF ERRORS - Delightful Summer Shakespeare" BroadwayWorld

"This year's production of COMEDY OF ERRORS showcases their expertise with the Bard as well as the company's seemingly boundless talent. The ensemble cast of only five actors play all of the more than twenty roles in a whirlwind of character switching..."


"If there is a standout in a thoroughly superior cast, it's Aaron Johnson as the Antipholus twins. Johnson not only plays every moment for all its worth, he is charismatic and makes it all look effortless."

Jul 13.16

Jul 13.16

'Tribes' - ZACH Theatre

"The standout performance of the piece belongs to Aaron Johnson, as brother Daniel. His character is writing a thesis about how language doesn't determine meaning. Billy's transition away from his biological family to his adoptive one causes the greatest problems for him. Dan resumes stuttering as a consequence as we witness the character's breakdown. Johnson captures the painful slide of his character both subtly and adeptly. The end result is absolutely riveting to watch." BroadwayWorld


"Austin newcomer Aaron Johnson fully matches the experienced and mostly out-of-town competition. In Street Corner Arts' Skylight last December he tied together plot threads with brief first-scene and last-scene appearances, also as a troubled British youth; in Tribes Johnson as the troubled older brother Daniel calibrates and steers a role that starts in hassled annoyance and unhappiness and degrades gradually to distraction, anger and physical incapacity. With the fury inherited from his father Daniel keeps others and the audience at a quivering distance. This subtle performance makes deeply satisfying the moment of reconciliation that caps the plot of Tribes. Keep an eye on this actor, Austinites: he's scheduled to appear in The Explorers Club at Austin Playhouse in April." CTX Live Theatre

Mitch Pileggi, Babs George and Aaron Johnson 'Tribes' Zach Theatre